Sunday, February 10, 2008

San Carlos to La Paz

Hello everyone. We left San Carlos yesterday after a 3-day "norther" and had pretty boisterous conditions and good winds. The seas started out at 6-8 feet with a lot of breaking waves and winds around 25 knots from the NW. Over the course of the day and evening, the seas flattened and the wind slowed to 11 knots around 2200. By 2300 it was up to 25 knots with gusts to 28 (we have these great new instruments). It blew hard all night, and by dawn it was blowing a steady 25 knots with the 6-8 foot seas having returned. "All n all" it is a great passage. We have 146 miles under our belt and 20 minutes of engine run time (so we could get out of Marina Real). When we got to Isla San Francisco, we had traveled 189 nautical miles in 34 hours with minimal sails up.

We started the engine because the wind died and discovered a clogged fuel line. Steve found what he thought was a spider web in the fuel filter. It took him a few minutes to change filters, and we were on our way. We motored just 5.5 hours--just long enough to make water for the tank.

We anchored at Isle San Francisco on Saturday, moved to Caleta Partida on Isle Esperitu Santos today (had a nice sail), and will go into La Paz tomorrow. All is well here. We have been updating the YOTREPS website so you might check out and see where we have been - we hope!

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