Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Typical Time at Sea

Today is Monday, March 24, and we are now 1240 miles from Cabo. The other night we had a 1000 mile celebration. Steve had a wee dram of scotch and I had a small glass of wine plus we enjoyed a very nice dinner.

Our fruits and veggies are now beginning to go bad so we are thinking of creative ways to use them up. Steve hooked another fish today, but it also got off the hook. A nice tuna would be delicious right about now. Steve baked chocolate chip/almond cookies two days ago, and, you guessed it, they are gone. We were going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day; however, we were tired that night and completely forgot about it. So we had a belated St. Patrick's Day on Easter Sunday. We had corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. We decided to have our ham dinner, which should have been for Easter, on Memorial Day weekend.

Several boats that left La Paz at the same time are on the SSB radio every night discussing the weather and the best place to cross the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. We have also been listening to Don on the SSB radio, and Steve has even called him several times during net schedule to ask for information. Right now it looks like 05 degrees north and 130 degrees west will get us to the narrowest point to cross the zone. We hope to be at that point in 3 or 4 days depending on the winds; however, it could change between now and then. The winds have back off now to around 15 knots, so we are not making as much way as we were before, but we are moving forward, which is a good thing. I believe there was a boat last year that had a minus mileage one day. We heard of another boat that crossed the equator but then was pushed back by current, so they got to cross it a second time. Perfect example of "It could be worse."

The weather has definitely become warmer and more humid. Everything on the boat feels damp from the bedding to clothing. The other problem we had was that we had so much water on the decks because of the rough seas that one of our clothes lockers got wet. We have laundry hanging everywhere, but it is so humid that nothing is drying very fast. We have never before had wet lockers, and we have had some rough crossings with water on the decks, so we were really surprised.

Since we are getting closer to the ITCZ, we have had several squalls pass over us. Last night while I was on watch, two different squalls about 30 minutes apart passed over us. We got some rain, which was nice for the boat because a lot of the salt was washed away. We had several other showers today, so the boat is looking pretty good. The rain also cools things down but not for long.

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