Monday, August 18, 2008

Leaving American Samoa

August 19, 2008--First of all, we have been trying to get this video uploaded since we reached the Marquesas but have had problems until now. This was in some of our heavier weather off Cabo San Lucas. We have to say that videos never truly depict the sea state and conditions the same as we experienced them.

We have cleared out of American Samoa and will leave tomorrow afternoon and sail overnight. We plan to arrive in Apia, Samoa, around 10 o'clock in the morning.


RMoya said...

I need to speak with Linda Maggart. My name is Rhonda Moya, and I'm with the Office of the Medical Invetigator in Albuquerque, NM. Please call me at 1 800 432 5239.

HE Carter MD said...

Linda: am piecing together info and have very little. Gary ALlen called me. I will contact med investigator to see what was up and if there is anyone or anything I can do as with your folks. here is my current contact: phone:
505 459-1641. Please communicate as you are able and advise.
Gene Carter

HE Carter MD said...

Assume by now you must have pieced together the following:
spoke with med examiner today.Karin was found deceased in her home on Aug 15, 2008 secondary to lung cancer.
The only names that the examiner's office have are mine and Gloria's. They won't give me info on Gloria for contact but am awaiting a call from her.
I stand ready to assist you and Karin any way that I can. The med examiner needs to know her dentist's name and the name of her oncologist to make certain of the identity of the remains. Too much time has passed and the condition of the body does not permit visual id.
On your written instruction to the med examiner, you can appoint someone to receive the remains and to proceed with services. There are of course many things to do, and all these depend on you and what your wishes are. As you know, I stand ready to assist you any way that I can. please advise your earliest with any information and with any contacts here you would like me to make to advise those closest to her of the loss.
We will all miss Karin. People on the reunion committee had called her for the reunion and she told us of her untimely illness but not the gravity thereof.
We have all known each other most of our lives, and these times are difficult, but everyone that lives long enough experiences these things. I am sorry for your loss and the loss of such a dear friend as Karin. She offered so much to so many and cared so deeply for her students, I always use her as an example to people of dedication and commitment to those in need. Regardless of life's events and estrangement, you should know that she always looked up to you, depended on you for who you were and what you thought, and was always proud to be your big sister, and dearly loved your kids, and we often discussed you and your family and the pain that the separation brought her.
I am sorry that I became the messenger with this bad news that is so much a part of life. I want to help any way you permit me to.

God Bless you. Here's wishing you and Steve the wind at your back and clear sailing to your next port.
Time is important regarding the med examiner as you can imagine.
I await your input.

HE Carter MD said...

US Coast Guard has assisted in locating the constable in West Samoa to begin the search to communicate with you, his name is constable Midrriani (sp). I hope that he is successfull. Please advise by phone or email your ealiest. Gene

Stan & Rhea Strebig said...


We are very sorry to learn of your loss. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.
Stan & Rhea