Friday, October 3, 2008

MoreWet Weather

October 4, 2008--We will leave Neiafu this morning to find an anchorage to the south where we can ride out the winds until Monday morning. The weather was again rather blustery these past 3 days, so we decided to just stay on the mooring ball here at Neiafu. Thursday we had heavy rain and winds. We cleared out for Ha'apai, bought provisions, dropped off the garbage, and enjoyed some lunches out. The skies are sunny right now so we are getting the sail covers off and the boat ready to go.

The forecast for Monday calls for winds around 15 to 20 knots from the east/southeast, which is very good for our next leg. The seas will be a bit big and close together, but we decided not to wait until Tuesday when the winds will die down, giving us a slower passage. The leg is 60 miles so we should be able to make it in one day. It is hard to believe that we will be leaving for New Zealand within a month. The time has just flown by.

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