Sunday, November 16, 2008

We're Living the Kiwi Life Now

November 17, 2008—It has been a good week for us. We have gotten quite a bit of work done on cleaning up the boat and getting everything washed out. We have also become well acquainted with the downtown area and all the shops that are available. Steve has spent a lot of time finding every shop that he needs for boat work or boat parts. We have also opened a bank account here so that it will be easier to get cash.

The people here are amazingly friendly. Every time we stop people and ask for directions or help, they have been very helpful. A man named Keith Oaks that Steve talked with at a gas station for just a few minutes offered him a ride to a store and then told Steve that anytime Steve needed a ride, he should call him.

On Saturday Christine and Jamie, Jack and Marcia, and Steve and I went to the Growers’ Market. We arrived around 8 a.m. and were thrilled by the beautiful, fresh fruits and vegetables that people had for sale. Local honey and gorgeous flowers were for sale as well. The best part was the crêpes for breakfast. A man and his two sons had a booming business going. They had an old Volkswagen bus, and they set up their crêpe cooker in front. We had a choice of bananas with cream, bananas with honey, butter and syrup, three types of jams along with cream, or a local fruit that I can’t remember the name of. All six of us ordered one—Steve had bananas and honey, and I had black currant jam with cream, and they were absolutely delicious. Steve and I ended up buying fresh strawberries, blueberries, zucchini, and tomatoes.

Next we went to the art festival in the park next to the library. There were booths set up with local foods as well as foods from other countries. There were also crafts, art, jewelry, clothing, and flowers for sale. There was a stage set up for performances so at 10:45 we stopped to watch a Pacific Island dance group, and they were followed by a ukulele orchestra comprised of 10 women, who turned out to be very good.

After that we headed for the food booths. Steve and I ordered a Coney Island hot dog with everything. The rest of the gang had pizza. We then made a quick trip into the library to see what it was like and found a large selection of books as well as DVDs and CDs so we will need to join the library soon.

Sunday we worked hard to get rid of the clutter on the boat because on Monday we were supposed to take the boat just up the river in order to have the mast pulled so that it can be painted. We have wanted to do that for a long time, and we got a very reasonable quote to have the work done here. Unfortunately, the weather forecast was for wind and rain so we postponed until tomorrow. The sails have been sent in to be inspected and repaired if necessary. The new head (toilet) that we ordered should be here soon. The engine work will begin soon as will the stainless steel work. There is still quite a bit to do, but we are trying to balance work with pleasure.

Last night we went to dinner in town with sv Tracen J and sv Morning Light. We really enjoy Dicken’s Pub because they have wonderful food and even better desserts.s

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