Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday in Paradise

July 26, 2009--This past week has been pretty low key. Steve spent time on Monday trying to trouble shoot one of our solar panels that is working sporadically. Tuesday's weather was windy and rainy so we stayed on board that day as it was pretty rough to take the dinghy to shore.

Robinson Crusoe Resort on Likuri Island is located between the fringing reef and a bay created by the outflow of a river. We are anchored in the bay, and the currents run at an amazing pace when the water is ebbing or flooding. At three o'clock in the morning one morning we had the current actually pushing us against the wind, and this was causing the boat to actually move up toward our anchor. We have never had that happen before.

Wednesday was a very good day because it was my birthday, and Steve got me a "Pamper Package" at the resort. The package included a massage, manicure, and pedicure. The massage table was under a palapa on the grounds, and it was a nice cool day. Francis, my masseuse, was excellent, and she also gave me the manicure and pedicure. I loved it!

That evening we went in to dinner with Scarlet and Po'onio Roa. It was a dance night, and even though we had seen it before, it was still fun. In the middle of the performance, one of the young men (I will name him Joe) called me and another young woman up to the front. As I was walking to the dance area, one of the other dancers was carrying off a rather large sea snake. I stopped in my tracks to make sure that he was taking it away and not bring it in for some fun. Anyway, we both sat in chairs while the dancers and the crowd sang Happy Birthday to us, and after the song the eight young men performed a special dance for us. They had a birthday cake but the candle that each of us was supposed to blow out was a torch so, needless-to-say, I was not able to blow it out. Next we each cut a piece of cake and Joe made a nice little speech and then holding the piece of cake, he told us to close our eyes. He then told the audience that we would eat the cake the "Fijian way," and the next thing I knew, he was smearing (and I mean really smearing) the piece of cake in my face. Now I really didn't mind this except for the fact that some of the cake and icing went up my nose, and I had sugar on my face for the rest of the evening. All-in-all it was a very fun evening, and I was grateful to have had such an interesting experience for the occasion.

On Thursday I spent most of the day baking bread and cinnamon rolls, and later we put on a pork loin roast to cook. We enjoyed an excellent dinner and called it a day.

Friday was one of the best days as the salvage boat was finally able to pull Lisa's boat, sv Magia, off the reef in the morning. The boat had a third of its rudder broken off, the wind vane was bent, and it was taking on some water, but we thought that it looked pretty good for being on the reef for a couple of weeks. Lisa's was going to sell it for salvage, but she changed her mind and decided to keep the boat, so she will take the boat up to Port Denarau to have it pulled out and repaired.

We had planned to leave on Saturday to work our way further east; however, we decided that we didn't have the best weather window so we decided to stay put for awhile. Since we did not want to be bored, we spent the day re-bedding our life line stanchions on the starboard side. There were only three, but one had six bolts and the other two had four bolts each. Eight of the bolts went through the deck so we had to remove some cabinets down below in order to get to the underside of the deck to remove the washers and nuts. Then we had to apply a coat of Silkaflex sealant on the bottoms of the stanchions and to the bolts. This stuff gets on everything but comes off nothing very easily. We decided to leave the port side for another day.

Today we put the life lines back up since the bedding compound on the stanchions was dry, and we had planned to tackle the port side stanchions, but Steve is feeling a bit under the weather (a cold, we think) so we just took it easy today. I put the dish cabinet back together and did some cleaning up on deck. It ended up blowing a bit today, and we even had some rain, so it is a good thing that we decided to wait to head east.

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