Friday, May 9, 2008

Departing Nuku Hiva

May 7, 2008--Steve has been working on the fuel injection pump timing for almost two days, and after using 6 beer cans for shims, 1 file folder for a gasket, and 1 rubber seal from our head rebuild kit to temporarily replace the forward main engine seal (that broke during disassembly),we agree that it is running well enough to get us to the Tuamotus and on to Tahiti. We will have it checked out by a mechanic when we get to Tahiti.

We think that we really are underway this time. We have decided to go directly to the Fakarava in the Tuamotus without any more stops here in the Marquesas. We don't have enough time to really enjoy any one place so we would rather get south and enjoy a new area. It is unfortunate that we saw just one island here; however, we are both more than ready to leave.

I went to town with Mary from s/v Horizons this morning to get my hair cut. I figured that I might as well get it cut short so that it will last awhile. It was only $30 (oh I do miss Mexico), but that is pretty cheap for French Polynesia. Yesterday we paid $7 for 2 Cokes--now there's a deal. The beer here costs about $3.50 a can, so the shim from a can of beer costs the same as a shim from the factory. It is just so amazing. We heard the term bleeding red ink in French Polynesia, and it is definitely the truth.

We will update our Yotreps position today and then continue every day, and it should take us about five days to reach the Tuamotus--weather permitting.

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