Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Treat for Us

April 30, 2008--We decided that, since our anniversary is on Friday, we would spent an evening at the Pearl Resort. So Monday at noon we checked into our bungalow, which had a large window that overlooked the bay. The bungalow is built on stilts and the exterior is all wood. The main room had a very comfortable bed that faced the window. There was a long shelf that served as a table that ran the width of the room and was mounted right under the window. The bathroom had a large walk-in shower. There were wooden louvered windows by the sink and in the shower. There was a small deck out to one side with a sliding glass door. There was also a small refrigerator and a small TV; unfortunately, all the programs were in French. The first thing I did was take a very long, very cool shower. Steve was next. The best part was that the room was air conditioned!

We went to the restaurant to have lunch, and then we headed to the infinity pool to relax for a few hours. The pool is built on the side of the hill so when you are in it, you are again looking out over the bay. We could even see our boat at anchor just off the beach. We returned to our room and took another shower, of course, and then just sat on the deck reading our books. Around 7 p.m. we had a delicious dinner--Steve had Mahi Mahi and I had pesto pasta. We topped it all off with Creme Brulee that had a hint of coconut, a scoop of ice cream, and whipped cream with a cherry. It was the best we have ever had. We waddled back to the room and read for the rest of the evening.

We slept in the next day in order to take advantage of the comfortable bed and the cool room. During the night Steve actually had to ask me to turn down the temperature on the AC a little--he was cold! We slowly got around to packing up our things, and we checked out around 11 a.m. We met some other cruisers in the lobby, so we stopped and had a drink and caught up with their experience on the crossing. We got back to the boat around noon. It is very interesting that while we loved being in the air conditioned room, sleeping on a regular bed, and swimming in a pool, it did feel good to be back on the boat--it is our home.

The internet connection has been down for two days so we weren't able to track our engine parts. We finally got on today and FedEx reported that they were in route to Tahiti. They sat in New Zealand for three days. Tomorrow is Labour Day here, so everything will be closed. If we are really lucky, we might have them by Friday although they had to clear customs in Tahiti, so who knows. We will continue to keep our fingers crossed.

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