Tuesday, July 8, 2008


July 8, 2008—On Saturday we moved up and around the north side of the island to anchor on the northeast motu. You can get out to the motus by making an
S-turn through the coral within the channel. Our boat draws 6 feet and the depth in this turn got down to 7.8 feet—plenty of room. Using the chart and our electronic chart plotter, we made our way to the Motu Tofari and looked for a good spot. We went into one anchorage but bumped the bottom so we moved on. We found an anchorage with beautiful water just past two of these resorts, but after being anchored for a short time, we realized that the path for the shuttle boats for the resort went right between the resort and us. They buzzed by us all afternoon and through most of the night.

This was not what we were looking for so we decided to move. Moving farther south meant pretty shallow water, so we moved back to the northern end at Motu Ome. We again found a nice spot and dropped anchor. We didn’t have the shuttle boats; however, we did have jet skis—seven of them came flying by us, and using our boat for a turning mark, circled us several times creating a major cross chop for us.

This side of the island is just spectacular with Mount Mataihua visible from the whole area, but, unfortunately, the motu from the north to the northeast has been built up with bungalow resorts and is much more developed than we had expected. Sadly, it has lost its charm.

On Monday morning we moved back to the Bora-Bora Yacht Club in order to take care of some business on the Internet. We also found out that a doctor, who lives next to the yacht club, actually owns the club, and the two young couples that we met are managing it for him with hopes of buying it at some point. In the afternoon we dingied into town and took care of our grocery shopping.

Today we will get some fuel and check out with the Gendarme and then moved down to the anchorage at the south end behind another motu. We plan to leave tomorrow or Thursday, depending on the weather, and head northwest to Penrhyn Island in the Northern Cooks. The passage will take us approximately 5 or 6 days depending on the winds.

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